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New Jersey & Pennsylvania Auto Accident Lawyers

Rain, fog, and snow cause many accidents each year. But when negligence or recklessness causes you or someone you love injury, you deserve compensation. Contact experienced auto accident lawyers at Trimble & Armano if you are in a car accident.

Common causes of collisions

Some typical causes of car accidents include the following:

Driver distraction

A common cause of automobile accidents on the crowded roads of New Jersey. Virtually any activity that diverts the attention of a driver from the road is dangerous. Activities like eating or drinking can lead to serious injury. Cell phone use is especially dangerous. Talking, texting, or checking email while driving may lead to an accident. Also, it is illegal in New Jersey for a vehicle operator to use a cell phone unless it is hands-free.

Driver fatigue

Accidents caused by driver fatigue are easily preventable. Exhausted drivers must rest. Turning on the radio, drinking caffeine, and opening a window are not remedies for lack of sleep. South Jersey auto accident lawyers can help you fight for fair compensation, so you can move on with your life after you suffer injury because of a fatigued driver.

Drugs or alcohol

Intoxicated drivers injure and kill thousands of innocent people each year. There is no excuse for causing an accident while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. At Trimble & Armano, we are ready to fight tirelessly for you if an intoxicated driver causes you or someone you love injury.

Failure to obey traffic signals

A failure to obey traffic lights, stop signs, yield signs, and other traffic signs and signals often leads to injury or death. The skilled automobile accident attorneys at Trimble & Armano can help you file a lawsuit if a reckless driver causes you injury.


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